Trainee Recruitment FAQs

Q.      The deadline for 2021 training contracts is 30 April 2019. Will you be considering applications before this date and making offers?

A.      Whilst we reserve the right to make decisions earlier, it is far more likely that we will wait to meet candidates attending a Vacation Scheme Programme before awarding any training contracts.

Q.      Can I still apply for a training contract starting in 2020?

A.      It is likely that we shall require further trainees in 2020.  You can state on the Electronic Application Form that you would be available to start in Autumn 2020 if offered.  However, there is no guarantee that places will become available.

Q.      Can I apply for a Vacation Scheme Programme and not a training contract?

A.      No, you must apply for both together.

Q.      Can I apply for a training contract only?

A.     The Vacation Scheme Programme is our preferred recruitment method.

Q.      Can I amend my application form once submitted?

A.      Yes, provided it is amended before the deadline but try to avoid doing so as we may consider applications as they are received.

Q.      I only have a 2:2 honours degree. Can I still apply for a training contract? What are my chances?

A.      This year, a 2:1 degree or higher degree is an absolute requirement.