The Home Office is cracking down on illegal working. Illegal workers include individuals who have no right to work in the UK and those working in excess of their permitted hours. Raids are being carried out, fines are being levied and migrants are being deported with increasing frequency and the government has introduced a new offence which enables it to fine individuals as well as employers.

You will only have a defence to illegally employing a foreign migrant if you get the Right to Work Checks right. Not knowing how to do the checks or getting them wrong will mean that you will not have statutory excuse from liability even if you did not know that the employee was working illegally. This could mean a fine of up to £20,000 for each illegal migrant, losing valued staff and drawing negative publicity to your business.

The Immigration team at Teacher Stern LLP invites you to a seminar on how to get the checks right, explain the consequences of getting them wrong and guide you on how to lawfully terminate the employment of staff found to be working illegally.
The seminar will last no more than 45 minutes with an opportunity to ask questions and continue discussions afterwards.

Tuesday 6 September 2016, 5.30 pm arrival for 6 pm start

Teacher Stern LLP 37 – 41 Bedford Row, London, WC1R 4JH

Our specialist Immigration and Employment lawyers Danielle Ramdel and Clare Taylor