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Dispute Resolution

The laws surrounding insolvency are incredibly complex so, as a creditor, you`ll need a reliable guide to show you the pathway through. We`ll lead you through the entire process and will quickly assess all the remedies available to you, so you know exactly where you stand. After all, our priority is to bring your claim to a swift and successful resolution.

Facing insolvency?
Just because your business is facing insolvency, it doesn`t necessarily mean the end of it all. It might simply be a question of restructuring. Indeed, there are certain insolvency regimes that can act as a protection, enabling your business to rejuvenate and reenergise. With our 'rescue` approach, you can rely on us to look for a positive way forward for you.

Insolvency Practitioner?
Dealing with the nuts and bolts of an insolvent business can be a complicated and drawn out business. Whether you`re involved in a liquidation, company administration, bankruptcy or voluntary arrangement, you can depend on our Insolvency team to be there with sound, timely, specialist advice whenever you need them.

For further information please contact Colin Richman.