Support Staff Recruitment

At Teacher Stern, we know that the success of our business is intrinsically linked to the strength and calibre of the people that support our business.

We take enormous trouble over the choice of our support staff within the firm – without them our solicitors could not do the work that they do and to us that makes them a vital part of the team.  It is important that anyone working within the firm takes a proactive role in our success and that includes our support staff who are all people who care about what they do.

All of our support staff need to enjoy working in a team environment and have a high level of initiative.  They are also required to have strong organisational and administrative skills, be confident in their communication, have excellent client care skills and have the ability to form good working relationships with their colleagues.

We make sure that all of our support staff are trained to best perform their roles within the firm and that they have a supportive and friendly environment within which to work.