Trainee Solicitor Recruitment

Welcome to the Trainee Solicitor Recruitment section of our website. In this section, you will find full details of the Trainee Solicitor Programme, details on how to Apply for a Training Contract and get to meet some of our partners, mentors and trainees.

To Apply for a Training Contract with Teacher Stern, you should at the same time apply for our Vacation Scheme Programme. Participation on the programme will not only give you the opportunity to come and meet us in person, but it will enable you to get an inside look at what it will be like to train and work at Teacher Stern.

In the other pages in this section, you will find details about how to:

If you have any queries regarding our trainee solicitor recruitment process or any of our trainee solicitor programmes, please feel free to contact a member of our trainee solicitor recruitment team who would be delighted to assist you.

Here is just a sample of the positive things that the Lex 100 has said about traineeships with Teacher Stern:

“Trainees are drawn to the breadth of expertise and quality of work” 

Trainees “working directly with partners is also a big plus”

“Everyone is very friendly and works together well, and the firm has a genuinely welcoming feeling”

“Trainees have relished winning in a hearing against the odds, completing on the sale of a commercial property and helping out on a £200m deal”

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