Outsourcing & Procurement

In today’s post recessionary economy, the pressure on businesses and public bodies to spend wisely is greater than ever. That pressure has brought with it a surge in both outsourcing and public procurement as businesses seek to cut costs and boost margins while public bodies grapple for control over their spending.

At Teacher Stern, we have an experienced team that can advise businesses and public bodies alike in relation to their outsourcing and procurement needs. The combined experience of our team spans a number of major industry sectors including Information Technology, Transport, Healthcare and Construction – to name a few. This wide experience enables us to provide our clients with tailored industry specific advice as well as strategic advice.

In relation to procurement our commercial lawyers regularly advise clients in the private sector on bidding for public or utility contracts as well as in relation to the submission of tenders and reviewing responses to tender. We also advise on a range of outsourcing matters including the negotiation of outsourcing agreements and drafting related service specifications.

When it comes to procurement in the construction industry, our commercial lawyers work closely with colleagues in our construction team and employment team to ensure we provide industry specific advice.

Representative Outsourcing & Procurement Work

Examples of our team’s outsourcing & procurement work include:

  • Advised a telecom company on its outsourcing of certain backroom services including IT support and human resources.
  • Advised an NHS trust on its procurement of pharmaceutical services.
  • Advised a major UK public transport provider on its tender response relating to the provision of passenger transport services to a major London airport.
  • Advised a digital services company on its response to tender relating to the provision of on-screen graphics to a major broadcasting organisation, and subsequently advised on the related services agreement.
  • Advised a technology service company on its tender response to re-fit a television network studio.
  • Advised a waste management company on its response to tender for the provision of waste collection services to a local authority.
  • Advised a media company on the outsourcing to it by a national broadcaster of certain elements of the broadcaster’s business.
  • Advised the operating entity of a UK airport in relation to the outsourcing of key IT security functions and services to a third party service provider.

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