The following information outlines fees and estimates in various departments as required by the SRA Transparency rules.  Fees and estimates for services not displayed should be discussed with the relevant department to obtain further information.

Please see below all quick links to our fees pages across the Teacher Stern website.


For the Residential Real Estate fees and breakdown of services, please visit the Real Estate page.

We do not operate a standard fixed price for all residential property transactions and instead we quote for individual matters on a transaction by transaction or case by case basis.


For our hourly rates for obtaining a Grant of Probate/Letters of Administration and a general guide to the cost of a simple estate please visit the Probate Pricing page.

Where possible, much of the general administration of an estate, such as corresponding with institutions to obtain valuations of assets and liabilities, are carried out at our lower charge out rate where possible in order to minimise costs.


To view the typical fees for various immigration and nationality applications, visit the Fees for Immigration and Nationality Applications page.

All fees are for our legal fees only, they do not include VAT which will be payable if you are resident in the UK, or third party costs (disbursements). The main disbursements are the Home Office fees for the application which can either be paid directly or we can pay on your behalf.


For our prices charged for Employment Tribunal claims for wrongful and unfair dismissal claims (Relevant Tribunal Claims) please visit the Transparency Rules – Employment Law Cases page.

We do not operate a standard fixed price for Relevant Tribunal Claims and instead we quote for individual matters on a case by case basis.  This is because each case is different which means that there is no such thing as a “standard” case.

We are, however, able to agree capped and fixed fees for certain Relevant Tribunal Claims.  The level of fees that we would charge will vary on a case by case basis and will depend on the facts of each particular case.

Debt Recovery / Civil Litigation

For fees in recovering debts, please visit the Debt recovery claim up to the value of £100,000 page.

The information set out is intended to give an indication of the average cost to recover a debt of up to £100,000.  The actual costs involved will depend on a number of factors. We will consider in detail the factors that are likely to affect the costs of your particular matter at the initial point of instruction.

In claims to recover a monetary value of more than £10,000, the general rule is that legal fees are recoverable from the losing party. Our fees for these matters are charged at the hourly rate of the fee earners involved.

Please note:

We may charge for carrying out the CDD and other anti-money laundering measures in respect to a matter. In case of aspects arising under paragraph 5.1 of our standard Terms of Engagement we expect such charges to be as follows:

1.         £75 per UK individual;

2.         £100 per UK company or trust;

3.         £150 per non-UK individual;

4.         £150 per non-UK company or trust.

Further charges may become necessary should matters arise under paragraphs 5.2 of our Terms of Engagement and/or need to be updated/repeated through the duration of our business relationship.