Restrictive Covenants & Confidentiality

Many businesses consider their key assets to be information and knowledge. It is unsurprising that employers will go to great lengths to protect it.  Likewise, it is also unsurprising that some employees will go to equally great lengths to misuse it.

We advise companies and LLPs on the best way to protect their confidential information and to prevent staff and former members of staff from doing damage by misusing that information.  We are experienced at drafting restrictive covenants in employment contacts and partnership/LLP agreements to maximise protection for the business while ensuring that the restrictions do not go so far as to be unenforceable.

We also work closely with our High Court litigation colleagues and barristers to ensure that we can act quickly and effectively to bring and defend legal claims in relation to misuse of confidential information and unfair employee competition, including bringing and defending claims for injunctions and financial damages.

We have particular experience advising in relation to team moves in a variety of sectors including the financial services and insurance sectors as well as in the recruitment and media sectors.  Team moves can be particularly attractive to a potential employer and extremely disruptive to the employer being left behind.  We can take immediate action either to advise on a potentially lawful move that does not cross the line and become unlawful as well as to pursue teams that have acted in breach of their legal obligations and caused damage to their former employer.

Representative Restrictive Covenants & Confidentiality Work Related Sectors

Examples of our team’s restrictive covenants & confidentiality work include:

  •  Advised companies and LLPs on protecting their confidential information and preventing staff and former members of staff misusing that information.
  • Advised numerous clients bringing and defending claims for injunctions and financial damages arising out of claims relating to the misuse of confidential information.
  • Advised employers, prospective employers and employees on team moves and the related obligations of the parties involved.

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