Sponsored Employees

The Immigration Rules can be a minefield, both for the employer and their foreign national employees. We are here to guide you through every stage of the process. We provide comprehensive advice on the requirements of applying for a sponsor licence and will compile and submit the application for you, minimising the chance of a refusal. We will advise you on the duties of sponsorship and will assist you to ensure that you continue to comply with the duties of sponsorship. If we are named as your representatives on the licence we can deal with UKVI on your behalf in most cases.

We advise foreign employees and their employers on the eligibility and evidential requirements of applications for leave to enter and leave to remain in the UK. Again we will guide you through all stages of the process. Linked to our role as representatives on the sponsor licence we will deal with UKVI in relation to obtaining certificates of sponsorship to assign to employees and expediting applications to enable them to start working for you in the UK more quickly.

Our immigration team also work alongside and as part of our Employment department and this crossover of knowledge means we are able to advise on the employment aspects of employing foreign employees, including drafting employment contracts and advising on the requirements of the prevention of illegal working legislation. We also advise individuals on the specific conditions of their leave and their ability to undertake additional employment.

We have a very strong track record in obtaining approvals in a cost effective manner and in line with our clients’ individual time frames. We are proactive when dealing with UKVI and our experience in these areas means we can often anticipate any additional information UKVI may require in relation to a specific application and provide it in advance, reducing instances of applications being delayed.

Representative Sponsored Employees Work

Examples of our sponsored employees work include:

  • Advised several major restaurant chains on securing sponsor licences to enable them to employ foreign nationals.
  • Advised a major exporter of steel and metals on the requirements of bringing in a new managing director from overseas.
  • Advised a software licence company on securing a sponsor licence for a foreign national who was assuming a lead role on a major new project.
  • Advised a London hotel chain on the requirements of sponsoring a number of key employees.
  • Advised a labelling and packaging company on securing a sponsor licence to enable it to transfer key employees to the UK from China

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