Fraud, Financial Crime & Asset Recovery

In today’s climate, issues such as fraud and financial crime are increasingly prevalent across all areas of the business community.

The complexity of such claims, involving dishonesty and careful premeditation by the perpetrators, produces a minefield of inter-related legal issues which span both the civil and criminal environments.

Invariably the victims require incisive and clear advice matched with an ability to deliver with speed and a clear strategy from the outset. They need to be able to rely on a legal team with the experience and capabilities to deliver top quality advice to maximise the prospects of a full recovery using whatever legal tools are available.

The expanding role of criminal prosecutions in the context of fraud means that clients need to understand how in some cases the Proceeds of Crime Act can assist in pursuing their claims more effectively than going through the High Court.

Our expertise in dealing with both civil proceedings and high value Restraint and Confiscation proceedings in the Crown Court provides us with a unique combination of expertise in both the civil and criminal worlds.

We have helped our clients recover millions of pounds in multi-layered fraud actions against both fraudsters and prosecuting agencies who have deprived our clients unlawfully of cash, shares and properties. Our experience extends to include cross-jurisdictional asset tracing and the use of Worldwide Freezing Injunctions; as well as working hand in hand with lawyers around the world to preserve our client’s assets.

Representative Fraud, Financial Crime & Asset Recovery Work

Examples of our team’s fraud, financial crime & asset recovery experience include:

  • Advised on the successful challenge of a fraudulently obtained Grant of Probate in relation to an estate valued in excess of £20m.
  • Advised a notable Russian commodity house in respect of a £20m fraud predicated against it.
  • Advised a subsidiary of a NASDAQ listed company in relation to a fraudulent misrepresentation claim valued in excess of £2.5m.
  • Advised on the successful recovery of £2.8m in cash, shares and properties from the Crown Prosecution Service.
  • Advised on the successful challenge of a £5.4m Confiscation Order made against a client in the Crown Court, reducing the figure claimed to £52,000.
  • Advised in the successful recovery of £1.5m from the perpetrator of property fraud; which involved cross-border asset tracing and the obtaining of worldwide injunctions.
  • Advised on a claim for fraud in relation to a £1.5m loan relating to the sale of our client’s 50% shareholding in a property holding corporate vehicle valued in excess of £20m, involving companies in Dubai and British Virgin Islands as part of a sophisticated fraud.
  • Advised on the successful pursuit of directors of a company for fraudulently dissipating assets of a company prior to its insolvency in a claim worth in excess of £800,000.
  • Advised on a £1.8m conspiracy to injure/deceit action relating to a co-ordinated plan to procure the release of a debt owed to our client for his 50% shares in a property development valued at £20m.

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