Teacher Stern operates across a number of key business and industry sectors. For more information on each of our sector specialties, click on the relevant link below. You will also find details of the relevant contact persons for each sector area as well as examples of our experience and expertise in that particular sector.


Expanding international trade, particularly with countries in Asia and Africa, coupled with an ever diminishing distinction between trade and trade finance, has led to increased opportunity and risk in the global market place. With a deep knowledge of international trade and the risks that accompany it, our lawyers can help you navigate this rapidly changing environment… Read more >


With the effects of the credit crunch still lingering in the market place, and the imposition of more stringent financial regulations restricting lending and investment, those seeking to advance and receive finance continue to face significant challenges… Read more >


Online betting and gaming is a fast paced, constantly evolving, global industry. We understand not only the law associated with betting, gaming, licensing and entertainment, but also the business behind it… Read more >


Factors such as aging populations, behavioural changes, financial pressures and the introduction of new technologies are all playing a part in shaping how we think about and deliver healthcare services… Read more >

Hotels, Leisure & Retail

We understand that the hotel, leisure and retail sectors are not simply about real estate – they are about investment, opportunity, customer experience, brand loyalty, marketing, growth and much more… Read more >

Human Resources & Recruitment

The human resource and recruitment sectors have enjoyed rapid growth in recent years and, with business confidence having returned to the market, this growth seems set to continue in the short term at least. … Read more >

Real Estate

London remains a key destination for both domestic and international buyers of real estate. Teacher Stern has been heavily involved in the London real estate sector since its establishment in 1967… Read more >

Restaurants & Cafés

The restaurants & cafes sector in the UK is fast-moving, competitive and highly regulated. With an in-depth expertise and knowledge across all areas of this diverse sector, Teacher Stern helps its clients achieve their commercial objectives in this challenging business environment… Read more >

Shopping Centres

Shopping centres are complex real estate investments which require a detailed understanding of how they operate and evolve in order to maximise their growth and success… Read more >


The sports industry has grown significantly over the last 20 years both in terms of monitory value and complexity. That complexity has been further increased in recent years through the advent of digital technologies and social media, not to mention the introduction of ever increasing laws and regulations… Read more >

Technology, Media & Telecoms

Rapid advances in technology coupled with increasing regulation in the technology, media and telecoms (TMT) sectors demand the experience and expertise of lawyers who understand the unique legal and business challenges faced by clients operating in those sectors… Read more >

Transports & Logistics

The transportation & logistics industry forms the backbone of modern supply chains and keeps both people and products on the move. Population growth, as well as significant increases in passenger and freight travel, is not only placing unprecedented demand on businesses operating in this industry but also creating exciting opportunities for those businesses… Read more >