Investors, Entrepreneurs, Sole Representatives & Innovators

Following the closure of the Entrepreneur category, there are now very few routes available to foreign nationals who wish to come to the UK with a view to living and working in the UK.  The Tier 1 Investor category is for individuals who have substantial assets and are able to invest £2,000,000 in the UK. We assist individuals with applications for leave as Investors ensuring that our clients submit robust applications that meet all the requirements and do not fall for refusal.

We continue to advise on applications for leave to remain and indefinite leave to remain for individuals with leave as Entrepreneurs.

We also advise on applications for leave to enter and remain as the sole representative of an overseas company. This category is designed to allow individuals to come to the UK to run a business that is a subsidiary or branch of an overseas parent company.

These categories all allow the main applicant to bring his or her spouse or unmarried partner and children under the age of 18 and lead to settlement.

As a full service firm, we assist clients with not only their immigration applications but on setting up a business and making investments in the UK, ensuring that these meet the requirements of the relevant categories.

Representative Investors, Sole Representatives and Innovators work

Examples of our Sole Representatives and Innovators work include:

  • Advised many high net worth individuals on immigrating to the UK and setting up businesses here to complement their business interests abroad.
  • Advised individual investors on their initial applications for leave to enter the UK as an Investor and advised them of the ongoing requirements to meet the conditions of their leave.
  • Advised the founders of a chain of restaurants on their applications for indefinite leave to remain as an Entrepreneur and Investor and subsequently on their and their families’ applications to naturalise.

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